Rakiyoku Pen Size Turbo Timer (Silver)

Rakiyoku Pen Size Turbo Timer (Silver)
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  • Allow vehicles to idle the engine for a timed period, with the ignition key removed
  • to allow engine oil and turbo center cartridge to cool down properly and prolong turbo and oil life
  • Fully adjustable timer from 10 seconds to 19minute 50 sec
  • to allow turbo to warm cool down even after the must extreme condition
  • Depending on speed that the car is running and heat output from the engine, the turbo timer would auto adjust to the right period of time it takes for the turbo and oil to cool down
  • to allow a longer lasting engine life and performance
  • Smaller in size compare to name brand (ex. Greddy) turbo timer with the same function
  • to allow import fans to locate the auto timer in a easy to view area
  • Instruction Manual Included
  • This Turbo Timer is Universal, Plug-in Adapter Harnesses Required