Universal 7"x6" Diamond Cut DRL SMDx20 Green LED Headlights

Universal 7"x6" Diamond Cut DRL SMDx20 Green LED Headlights
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These headlight kits provide for intense light beam concentration, the latest in styling and design. This projector headlight kits provide an upgrade for your vehicle and provides the satisfaction of having the latest Euro look on your car or truck !! Reflectors are precisely designed in order to ensure perfect light beam patterns and correct light diffusion. You may change these bulbs to 4200K or use higher Opti-Blue or hyper-white bulbs or just change the real Xenon gas within the bulbs.

The Headlights is securely mounted by the original screws & nuts of the OEM parts. Installation should take approximately 1 1/2 hours. If you are unsure about installing automotive accessories by yourself we recommend consulting with a body shop.

  • Comes with Driver and Passenager Side
  • 100% Waterproof and Shock resistant
  • SMDx20 Green LED
  • Installation guide may not be included. Professional installation is strongly recommanded
  • Most headlights package comes with new light bulbs and harness for installation, otherwise you can apply stock light bulbs and harness for installation. If headlights contain halo or L.E.D., the wiring is included for easy connection